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SS House Washing, is first choice for house washing and pressure cleaning services in Sydney. We’re committed to delivering top-notch quality and ensuring customer satisfaction, a commitment that’s made us a favourite amongst Sydney homeowners.

Our team at SS House Washing and Pressure Cleaning Services Sydney employs both low and high-pressure washing techniques to revitalise your home’s exterior. Our experienced crew is adept in cleaning all outdoor surfaces thoroughly without causing any harm. What’s more, our house washing service in Sydney is a smart, cost-effective solution for enhancing your home’s appeal. It’s a practical alternative to expensive repainting, instantly adding value to your property.

We’re not just another cleaning service – our 5 Star Google Rating speaks volumes about our dedication to quality. Every job we undertake is treated with the utmost care, as if we were sprucing up our own home. By choosing SS House Washing, you’re not just getting a service; you’re investing in your home’s future.

Trust us to bring back the sparkle to your home with our professional and reliable services. For a home that shines and stands out, SS House Washing is the way to go. Let us show you why we are the go-to house washing experts in Sydney.

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Bring Back Your Home's Shine with SS House Washing Sydney

SS House Washing Sydney is your go-to for professional and dependable exterior house washing. We’re all about helping our clients bring back their homes to their gleaming best. Whether it’s sprucing up for your own pride or boosting your home’s market value, our suite of services has got you covered.

Our team at SS House Washing is committed to delivering top-notch service that’s both safe and effective. We’re big on eco-friendly solutions, making sure our cleaning doesn’t just do wonders for your home but is kind to the environment too. Plus, we throw in a free external window clean to make sure your place is looking ace from every angle.

We get how important your time is, so we’re all about working efficiently and respecting your schedule. Fitting in a home wash without mucking up your day-to-day is what we do best. Fancy a free quote or keen to hear more about what we can do for you? Give SS House Washing Sydney a bell, and let’s get your home looking brilliant again.

Our House Washing Process

Thorough and Tailored

Initial Assessment and Yarn

We kick off with a good old chinwag and a detailed look-over of your property. This chat helps us get a clear picture of what you need and spot any special areas that might need extra care. It's all about making sure our service fits your home like a glove.

Picking the Right Method

Next, we pick the best cleaning technique for your place. If it's a bit on the delicate side, we'll go with our gentle soft house washing, using soft brushes. For tougher spots, we bring out the big guns with our pressure cleaning gear.

Getting the Area Ready

Before we start, we take care to get everything set up right. We'll secure any breakables, cover up your plants and outdoor furniture, and make sure all your windows and doors are shut tight to keep the water out.

The Actual Clean-Up

Then our team gets stuck into the cleaning. We use top-notch, eco-friendly cleaning solutions to tackle all the grime, dirt, and any of that nasty mould. We're thorough, making sure every bit of your home’s exterior is spick and span.

Not Forgetting the Little Bits

We make sure to give a good once-over to those spots that often get overlooked, like gutters, downpipes, eaves, and even your gazebo or pergola. We leave no stone unturned – or in this case, no spot uncleaned.

The Final Once-Over and Touch-Ups

After we've done the hard yakka, we do a final check to make sure everything's up to scratch. If there's a bit that needs a bit more elbow grease, we'll sort it out straight away.

Your Two Bob's Worth

Last but not least, we'll have a walk-through with you to show you how everything looks. Your feedback's important to us – we're not happy until you're chuffed with the result.

Spruce Up Your Home's Charm with Affordable External House Washing in Sydney

At External House Washing Sydney, we offer a savvy solution for homeowners looking to revitalise their property’s appearance. Our unique Gutter to Ground Low-Pressure Washing Service is tailor-made to breathe new life into your home, restoring its aesthetic appeal without breaking the bank.

Our method involves a thorough wash from the gutter to the ground, using specialised low-pressure equipment that guarantees a deep clean without any risk of damage. This approach is not only effective but also a financially smarter choice compared to costly alternatives like repainting or extensive landscaping. With our service, making your house look as good as new doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

Our team of professionals ensures that every wash is meticulous and comprehensive, leaving no stone unturned. We cover every part of your house, including those tricky, hidden spots, to ensure a consistent and high-quality clean. We’re so committed to your satisfaction that we treat each home as if it were our own. And, just on the off chance we miss a spot, we’ll happily come back to sort it out at no extra cost.

Choose our External House Washing Sydney services for an efficient, reliable, and affordable way to bring back the shine to your home.

House Washing
Experience the Perks of Sydney House Washing Services

Safeguard Your Home's Exterior

In Sydney, your home's exterior copes with mould, dirt, and various pollutants, which can dull and damage your paint. Our expert house washing not only cleans but also helps your paint job last longer, saving you dollars in the long run.

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Boost Your Home’s Sale Prospects

When you're ready to sell, first impressions count. A cost-effective house wash makes your Sydney home look more appealing from the street, upping its chances of catching a buyer's eye.

Gentle on All Surfaces

Repainting your home can cost a pretty penny. We use a soft wash method that's effective yet gentle, ensuring no damage to your exterior finishes.

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Instant Facelift for Your Home

Our external house washing can lift your paintwork a few shades, giving your home an instant refresh and bringing back its original vibe.

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Fair Dinkum Pricing

Get a quick quote over the phone, or we can pop over for a more detailed estimate. We're all about top service at fair prices.

Real Estate Agents, We've Got You Covered

We're seasoned in working with Sydney's real estate agents. Happy to provide quotes for your clients' properties.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We're not happy unless you're chuffed. Our goal is to meet and then exceed your expectations.

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Fully Insured for Peace of Mind

SS House Washing is fully licensed, with $10 million in public liability insurance, ensuring everything's above board.

Soft Washing vs Pressure Cleaning

The Smarter Choice for Your Home

Might be a bit of a shocker, but the best way to clean your home’s exterior isn’t with a high-pressure hose. Soft washing is the way to go – it’s gentler, more effective, and uses less water. This approach is spot on with Sydney City Council’s Water Smart Actions, so it’s good for your hip pocket and the environment. Soft washing uses lower water pressure and special detergents to get rid of dirt, mould, and other nasties, giving your Sydney home a proper deep clean that high-pressure water just can’t match.

Plus, with Sydney’s humidity often hitting 65-70% in summer, your home’s outside walls are a prime spot for mould and bacteria. Some of the less effective methods don’t get rid of all the tough mould and bacteria, which can be a waste of time and money. In busy places like Sydney, it’s a good idea to give your house’s exterior a wash every year or so. Choosing a pro house washing service like ours can make this cleaning job last longer because we get rid of every last bit of mould and bacteria with our special detergents.

Best House Washing and Pressure Washing Sydney

We're skilled at safely and effectively cleaning a variety of exterior surfaces, including:

Residential, Commercial, and Industrial House Washing Experts

Here at SS House Washing, we’re not just about sprucing up homes. We’ve got the skills and gear to give a top-quality clean to commercial and industrial properties too. Our crew knows the drill when it comes to the bigger challenges these places throw up – like their size, how complex they can be, the constant coming and going, specific cleaning needs, and making sure we’re sticking to the rules.

Whether it’s your family home, a little office, or a massive industrial site, we’ve got custom cleaning plans to suit what you need. Our range of services includes everything from:

At SS House Washing, we’re all about top-notch service and quality. You can trust us to get your place – no matter how big or small, simple or complicated – looking ace.

House Washing

Boost Your Home's Value with our Services

Keeping your property looking sharp is more than just a matter of pride – it’s a smart way to increase its market value and street appeal. A home with a clean, well-maintained exterior stands out and creates a fantastic first impression, essential when attracting potential buyers. That’s where SS House Washing and Pressure Cleaning Services in Sydney come in. We offer an affordable solution to enhance your property’s appeal and ramp up its market value with a comprehensive house wash. Our expert pressure cleaning services make the task of house washing straightforward and effective.

Moreover, maintaining a clean exterior isn’t just about aesthetics; it can also save you money in the long term. Our services help preserve your paintwork and prevent costly repairs, avoiding issues like wood rot, mould, and paint deterioration.

If you’re looking to enhance your property’s value and curb appeal, our team at SS House Washing is ready to deliver exceptional results.

Prep for Sale Package

If you’re planning to put your property on the market, consider our ‘Prep for Sale’ package at SS House Washing and Pressure Cleaning Services Sydney. This package includes a comprehensive range of cleaning services, such as roof and gutter cleaning, along with exterior house washing. These services are perfect for making your property more appealing to buyers, leaving a lasting first impression and increasing its market value.

Our 'Prep for Sale' package provides:

With our thorough cleaning approach and attention to detail, you can rest assured that your property will look its absolute best when it goes on the market, increasing its appeal and maximizing its selling potential.

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Why Choose SS House Washing?

Stephen's Unwavering Reliability

At the heart of SS House Washing is Stephen Sidd's unwavering reliability. You can bank on Stephen and his team to deliver dependable service, every single time. Ensuring every job is done right and showing up as promised reflects true Aussie dependability

Guaranteed Satisfaction
Your Peace of Mind

Your complete satisfaction is our top priority. We're so confident in our work that we offer a solid satisfaction guarantee. If something isn't up to your standards, we'll make it right. Exceeding your expectations every time is our dedication

Meticulous Attention to Detail

We take pride in our keen attention to detail – it's what sets us apart. Thorough and careful treatment is given to every inch of your property, from the tiniest crevice to the largest expanse. Our team's commitment to detail ensures a superior clean that's distinctly Aussie in its thoroughness.

Decades of Experience

Our team surpasses any other in terms of experience. With decades in the business, we bring a level of expertise and skill to your doorstep that's hard to find elsewhere. This experience translates into high-quality, dependable service for your home.

Prompt Quotes
Fast and Accurate

We understand that time is precious. That's why we provide prompt, accurate quotes, ensuring you get the information you need swiftly and efficiently. No dilly-dallying – just straight-up, honest service.

Available All Week
Convenience is Key

We're here for you seven days a week, making our services as convenient as possible. Whether it's a busy weekday or a relaxed weekend, we're ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work, ensuring our services fit into your schedule seamlessly.


A home in Sydney will likely need an exterior clean 1-2 times per year. This is because the NSW climate and weather events build up dirt, mould and algae on external surfaces such as walls, roofs and windows. This can be unhealthy for a home’s occupants as well as reducing street appeal. A regular clean using approved soft wash methods will protect your home while ensuring it is clean and healthy.

It is possible that regular or inexperienced use of pressure washing can cause damage to your home, particularly tiled surfaces. We recommend using a Soft Wash method which combines a gentler, low pressure washing with a powerful yet eco friendly cleaning product.

Power washing uses pressurised steam and heated water whereas pressure washing uses unheated water to powerfully clean surfaces. Pressure washing is extremely effective on dirt, mould and contaminants without the need for heated water.

We can remove gum from your driveway very easily with our pressure washing service. As for oil stains, pressure washing alone will not necessarily remove oil stains completely.

But with the right techniques and commercial cleaning products used, we can make these oil stains as light as possible. A special dry-cleaning method can even be applied to stains on porous concrete. This will help to dissolve the oil after pressure washing further.