Why You Need to Pressure Clean Your Home

Have you considered pressure cleaning your home, but you haven’t decided whether there are enough benefits to justify hiring a professional to complete the job?

Read on to discover the reasons to book an appointment for house washing.

  • Having a home washed removes dirt from paint and often helps preserve the life of a paint job. Since painting a home is time consuming, costly and difficult, extending the life of the paint on the exterior of a home is essential to save the money and hassle associated with exterior painting.
  • Mould can build up on a home over time, and house washing works to remove both the visible mould that is present on a home and any spores that could grow into a problem in the future. Any portion of the exterior wall of a home that is shaded and subjected to moisture can be a breeding ground for mould. Damage caused by mould includes cracks in the paint, peeling paint and faded walls, and mould that eats through the exterior wall of a home can be a health hazard for occupants. So, mould removal is essential for the well being of people living in the house.
  • Families dealing with allergies and respiratory problems caused by allergens may benefit from house washing because it can remove these pollutants from the exterior of a home. This means that cleaning the exterior wall can improve the overall health of occupants of the home.
  • Cleaning a home and improving its appearance can help increase home value. Homeowners who are thinking about moving in the near future should consider house washing to improve the chances of selling their home.
  •   Leaving dirt and residue on a home for an extended period of time can result in permanent stains that are impossible to remove. Hiring a professional to pressure wash the home at least once a year may prevent permanent stains from developing.

There are many reasons to invest in a professional house washing service. Contact us today to enjoy the benefits of increased home value, a healthier home and a longer lasting exterior paint job.

Benefits of Hiring Professionals for House washing

Residential house washing is a great way to get rid of dirt and help a home regain its curb appeal, but renting a house washer and trying to get the job done without the assistance of a professional is not the best idea.

Read on to learn about the benefits of hiring a professional for house washing.

• Renting a pressure cleaner means that a homeowner is limited to the choices that a company may have available for customers who are not experienced in working with a pressure cleaning equipment. A professional house washing service will be equipped with high-quality equipment that is regularly replaced to ensure that the service provider is offering customers the best wash possible.

  •   Learning how to use a pressure cleaner and going through the process of washing a home takes a lot of time. Most people need to use entire weekends and even extra vacation days to finish the job, so hiring a professional allows people to relax when they have time off.
  • The powerful nature of a pressure cleaner means that a person who is not experienced with using one could easily cause damage to a home and garden. Hiring an experienced professional saves money by ensuring that no damage will be done to the home during the power washing process. If a professional does accidentally cause damage to a home, the company will have an insurance policy that covers the costs of repairing this damage.


  • People with no experience washing a home may be unable to get rid of stubborn stains. A professional has spent a significant amount of time learning about the best techniques that will result in a completely clean exterior. Attempting to get rid of stubborn stains without the assistance of a professional may be a waste of time and money if the homeowner is not able to clean the area in question.

House washing can add curb appeal to a home and boost value, but trying to complete the project alone is not the way to go. Avoid the headache of power washing by hiring a professional for house washing needs.

10 Things to Do to Prepare Your House for Sale

In order to sell your home as quickly as much money as possible, it pays to do a little work before putting it on the market. You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money, but you should definitely set aside a little time to make small but important improvements. Check out the 10 following examples for inspiration.

  1. Remove as much clutter as possible by renting a storage unit. Your home will look more spacious and inviting.
  2. If you have carpets, have them professionally cleaned. If they are in really bad shape, replace them.
  3.  Use a pressure washer to give the exterior of your home a clean, fresh look. Make sure to go around all sides. Use the pressure washer to clean decks, porches, driveways and walkways too.
  4. Clean out all of the closets and organize them. Prospective buyers shouldn’t be greeted with piles of clothes and other messes.
  5. Buy new curtains and blinds for rooms around the house. However, keep them open when showing the home to let in as much natural light as possible.
  6. Invest in new bedding. You’ll be able to bring it with you when you move, so you won’t be throwing away money.
  7. Set aside a weekend and paint the rooms that need it the most. Make sure to do the trim, baseboards and ceilings while you’re at it. A fresh coat of paint can work wonders.
  8. Replace hardware in your bathrooms and kitchen. New hinges, faucets, knobs, handles and other pieces can really spruce things up, and they don’t cost a lot.
  9. Remove as many personal items as possible and put them in storage. This applies to things like family photos. You want the people who walk through your home to be able to imagine themselves living there.
  10. If you’re going to pour extra money into one part of your home, it should be the kitchen or the bathrooms. A shiny new sink or upgraded appliances can dramatically enhance the appeal of these rooms.

With these points in mind, your home should be ready for its close-up!