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Ultimate Level Of Cleaning Power!

We work closely with clients in finding the most cost effective solutions while still providing a level of service that will produce a clean, healthy environment as well as one that protects the capital investment you have made in facility.

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Ultimate Level Of Cleaning Power!

We work closely with clients in finding the most cost effective solutions while still providing a level of service that will produce a clean, healthy environment as well as one that protects the capital investment you have made in facility.

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Welcome to the SS House Washing

Ultimate Solution for All Your House Washing Needs

SS House Washing and Pressure Cleaning Services are based in Sydney and deliver an outstanding service and satisfaction guaranteed with every job.  Stephane offers a friendly and professional service, and cares about the standard of your home as much as you do.

Call for on-the-spot quotes or we will drop by your property if you like and send you a quote. We pride ourselves on servicing all clients with the best service and very reasonable rates.

Pressure cleaning services are the perfect way to keep your home and property looking its best. Pressure washer cleaning is effective for your home itself, your driveway, patio, swimming pool and even your roof.

We offer a Superior House Washing Service in Sydney. Many of our clients call us back year after year to clean up the past season’s mould. We believe they keep calling us back because we did a good House Washing job. Superior service is our goal. We are determined to win your loyalty and satisfaction to keep us busy.

House Washing and Pressure Cleaning

This is how we go about the cleaning services we offer

We engage in end-to-end external house washing services.

When it comes to high pressure cleaning and washing, we help clean, the pathways, driveways, outdoor areas, patios, walkways and retaining walls.

And yes, as is evident, window cleaning is all about cleaning the insides and outsides of the windows.

Quality, Trust & Customer Satisfaction

The Hallmarks of Our Service

As a business rooted in Sydney, NSW, we, at SS House Washing and Pressure Cleaning Services Sydney, place our customers at the forefront of our operations. We understand that each client has unique needs, and we strive to tailor our services to meet these specific requirements. Our innovative approach combines advanced detergents and degreasers with low-pressure washing techniques, ensuring a meticulous and gentle clean every time.

We recognize that the exterior of your property is often the first thing people notice. It’s more than just a surface; it’s a reflection of your care and pride in your space. That’s why we’re committed to providing a service that goes beyond mere cleaning. Our goal is to ensure that the first impression of your home or business is always positive and welcoming.

In choosing SS House Washing and Pressure Cleaning Services Sydney, you’re not just selecting a cleaning service. You’re opting for a partner who values quality, builds trust, and prioritizes your satisfaction above all. We’re dedicated to upholding these principles in every task we undertake, ensuring your property is not only clean but also a testament to our commitment to excellence.

House Washing and Pressure Cleaning

Premier Exterior House Cleaning Experts in Sydney

As Sydney’s leading provider of exterior house cleaning and pressure washing services, we cater to residences of all sizes with our exceptional soft washing solutions. Our expertise lies in thorough external house washing and meticulous office cleaning, ensuring our clients receive unparalleled results. The professional house cleaners is committed to making every corner of your home look its absolute best while our commercial pressure cleaning services effectively remove dirt, grime, and other elements from roofs and various exterior surfaces.  We also offer specialized shade sail cleaning to keep your outdoor areas fresh and appealing.

Sydney's Residential House Washing Service

Bringing New Life to Your Home

Experience a complete transformation of your home's exterior with our thorough house washing service in Sydney. We meticulously clean your home from top to bottom, including all windows. Our service targets mould, grime, and cobwebs, which can significantly deteriorate and shorten the lifespan of your paintwork. Utilizing innovative soft washing techniques with low-pressure equipment, we are able to access and effectively clean areas typically out of reach. This dirt is loosened by this gentle method, which allows it to lightly brush away and rinsed, leaving your house looking as good as new.

Regular washing of your home, preferably every one to two years, not only keeps it looking fresh and inviting, but also represents a cost-effective measure, potentially saving you thousands by reducing the need for frequent repainting.

In addition to our house washing expertise, we specialize in high-pressure cleaning of various outdoor areas. This includes pathways, driveways, pool surrounds, patios, courtyards, retaining walls, fences, and even hard-surface tennis courts. Rely on us to thoroughly clean and rejuvenate every outdoor surface of your property, ensuring a pristine and welcoming appearance for years to come.

House Washing and Pressure Cleaning
Why Choose SS House Washing?

Stephen's Unwavering Reliability

At the heart of SS House Washing is Stephen Sidd's unwavering reliability. You can bank on Stephen and his team to deliver dependable service, every single time. We show up when we say we will and ensure every job is done right, reflecting true Aussie dependability.

Guaranteed Satisfaction
Your Peace of Mind

Your complete satisfaction is our top priority. We're so confident in our work that we offer a solid satisfaction guarantee. If something isn't up to your standards, we'll make it right. We dedicate to exceed your expectations every time.

Meticulous Attention to Detail

We take pride in our keen attention to detail – it's what sets us apart. We give thorough and careful treatment to your property. Our team's commitment to detail ensures a superior clean that's distinctly Aussie in its thoroughness.

Decades of Experience

Our team's experience is out of the world. With decades in the business, we bring a level of expertise and skill to your doorstep that's hard to find elsewhere. This experience translates into high-quality, dependable service for your home.

Prompt Quotes
Fast and Accurate

We understand that time is precious. That's why we provide prompt, accurate quotes, ensuring you get the information you need swiftly and efficiently. No dilly-dallying – just straight-up, honest service.

Available All Week
Convenience is Key

We're here for you seven days a week, making our services as convenient as possible. Whether it's a busy weekday or a relaxed weekend, we're ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work, ensuring our services fit into your schedule seamlessly.

Our Works

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