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About SS Housewashing

Stephane Sidd, owner/operator of SS Housewashing, has been operating since 1998 and has washed over 10,000 homes Sydney wide.

He offers a friendly and professional service and cares as much about the standard work as you do about your home. Whatever be our client’s requirements, we really pride ourselves in providing personalised services to help meet our customer’s requirements.

This is how we go about the cleaning services we offer:

  • When it comes to actual house washing, it is a good old-fashioned cleaning service that incorporates the use of good cleaning products.
  • As part of the external house washing, we also offer a specialised soft house washing service. This is a technique that we incorporate by implementing a soft broom or brush and thus removes any existing dirt, grime, mould and mildew from your property and ensures that the cleaning lasts for long.
  • The external house washing, also includes cleaning places that nobody really focuses on, or considers or even cleans. And these include the gazebos and pergolas. We carry out an in-depth professional cleaning of these areas and we help remove the mould and dirt effectively.
  • As part of the window cleaning service, we help clean and rinse the external sides of the windows and screens.
  • And yes, pressure cleaning includes cleaning the external areas as in the pathways, driveways, patio and the retaining walls. When cleaning the house external walls, a low-pressure washer is employed so as to ensure that a thorough, gentle clean is carried out to the external surfaces especially the painted areas or the walls and sections that are painted so as to not chip off the paint in any way.

We know how important a clean house is and that we also understand maintaining is far easier than cleaning dirt that has accumulated over an extended period, which is why we provide discounts to biannual and annual jobs. this permits us to scale back cleaning time required, which reciprocally saves you money. We service Sydney and Sydney Metropolitan area. Enquire and that we will allow you to know if it’s in our working area.

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SS House Washing