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Pressure cleaning services are the perfect way to keep your home and property looking its best. Pressure washer cleaning is effective for your home itself, your driveway, patio, swimming pool and even your roof.

Oil stains on your driveway make your property look shabby. High pressure cleaners can lift the oil stains out of all types of driveway services. Pressure washer cleaning removes unwanted plant growth from the spaces in your sidewalk and gets rid of ugly nuisances like chewing gum, paint and graffiti. Pressure washing keeps your swimming pool and outdoor entertainment and play areas clean and safe for your family by removing dirt and harmful mould or mildew. Slippery moss growth can make steps and sidewalks unsafe. Have it blasted away with high pressure cleaning. High pressure cleaning can also be used on children’s play equipment.

Planning a BBQ? Having your patio or deck cleaned beforehand so that you and your guests can eat in a clean area free of bird droppings, dirt, mould and mildew. Are the walls of your home and outbuildings stained with dirt and mud? Give your buildings a bath and make everything look brand new again. High pressure cleaning services are a great way to get your house ready to go on the market. Tidy houses with clean driveways catch the eyes of buyers.

If you’ve had work done on your house, you may be left with spilled paint and tar that’s difficult to clean up on your own. Our trained technicians can use high pressure cleaners to safely remove it for you and dispose of it properly. Do you have ugly roof stains? You’ll be amazed at the difference after having your roof professionally cleaned.

We can also clean your fence of moss, mould and lichen growth, wash down your boat and get those ugly grease stains out of your garage floor. We can even clean your gutters. That’s right, no more standing on a ladder and sticking your hand into nasty gutters. If you’re ready to try high pressure cleaning at your home, contact us or call now for a prompt quote.

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